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Roland Boutique SH-101?
24-07-2017 - 09:21 - door Von Naphoven

Schijnbaar kwam deze plotseling voorbij in een Instagram Story ... en zou niets minder zijn dan een Boutique versie van deze classic:

Hier in vogelvlucht:

Ben benieuwd of het waar is - en indien dit het geval is, het hier een ACB versie van de SH-101 betreft zoals deze al voor de System-1 beschikbaar is of dat het hier een SE-02 stijl analoog apparaat betreft...

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MC-202 CPU upgrade
17-07-2017 - 20:02 - door Rvooh
Zopas aangekondigd met teaser pcb en voorlopige feature lijst:

Long story short: after decades of waiting for a solution to the various problems of the MC-202 there's a definitive mod coming out soon, which will consist of a new CPU developed by Tubbutec. Features:
  • Fix for CV in lag, no more need to cut tracks and drill holes.
  • Internal memory for sequencer, will preserve sequences after shutdown.
  • Pattern based sequencer similar to the sh1oh1 mod with live chaining, song mode etc. but with 2 simultaneous tracks (1 internal, 1 external, same as original). Sysex dump and load for patterns.
  • Midi I/O in addition to dinsync, no extra ports needed
  • Midi to 2x CV/Gate converter with built-in ports.
  • Extra modulations (LFOs and envelopes) via MIDI CC, similar to sh1oh1 mod.
  • Optional OLED screen replacement.
  • Reversible: new CPU is socketed, you can revert to original CPU if you want the quirks back.
  • Compatible with analog mods if you have any already installed.
The mod will need SMD soldering to replace he old CPU with the socket, but at pitch 1mm it's definitely doable by any competent electronics tech.
They will soon start a crowdfunding campaign so we need to show as much support as possible. I've opened a thread in GS so you can show your interest in this mod by voting the poll. Thanks for contributing:
...[Lees meer!]
15 Reacties | 998 Bekeken
Dreadbox Medusa
11-07-2017 - 19:47 - door Freelander

Beschikbaar voor de kerst

prijs 429 euro

All Analog Circuit developed by Dreadbox
Midi to CV, Sequencer and Arpeggiator developed by Polyend
64 step Sequencer that can store the Filter's Cut off, Modulation Wheel and Velocity values, with a memory of 7 sequences
Arpeggiator with Up, Up-Down, 2 Octave Up, 2 Octave Down, 2 Octave Up-Down or Played Order
3 Classic Dreadbox VCOs:
2x osc with saw, pulse or triangle wave
1x osc with advanced wave forming (7 different waveforms)
A brand new 12dB/oct Filter design with variable thickness (active for frequencies 110Hz and below)
A dedicated Attack, Decay/Release, Sustain Envelope Generator to the Filter and the Amp
A Simple and Easy to use Modulation section
You can Polychain multiple units and achieve Polyphony
8 patch points for eurorack experience
14 Reacties | 1.198 Bekeken
Elektron Analog Four mkII/ Analog Rytm mkII / Octatrack mkII
06-07-2017 - 13:44 - door salpeter

210 Reacties | 9.208 Bekeken
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